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Prime Minister Viktor Orbán told public radio that Europe today is “a continent of empty cradles”, a problem which the Hungarian government seeks to resolve “through Hungarian children rather than migrants”. Hungary needs to be made “a family-friendly country” building once again “the good peace times”, he added. Four components of the government’s recent family support programme will start on July 1, Orbán said, adding that further components exempting mothers with four children from the personal income tax and extending the maternity allowance to grandparents will take effect on January 1 next year. Orbán dismissed critical remarks concerning the family assistance programme and said that “one thinks as if we were sane but not everybody else”. “The regular trend in life is that one has a father and a mother, who raise him, teach him a lot of things, and then he will start his own family later on – that is (the ideal) I am trying to promote”. “The position of a small but provocative minority must not be considered as normal and should be shrugged off like a dog shakes off water”, Orbán added.