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Europe is facing a “new kind of warfare” in the “global fight for resources”, House Speaker László Kövér told a plenary session of the Forum of Hungarian Lawmakers from the Carpathian Basin (KMKF) in Budapest. Kövér said the fight was aimed at “subjecting and exploiting Europe” as well as “removing the community’s natural identity”. He warned that “without that identity the communities and individuals cannot realise, promote or protect their own interests and they are easy to subject and control”. That is why, he said, “all institutions protecting the natural European identities, such as the family, the Christian churches and nation states, are the target of political, legal and mental attacks”. The house speaker proposed that the KMKF should adopt a “Central European-Hungarian identity protection report” in March each year, to be offered to the governments in the region as well as to institutions of the European Union. Kövér also suggested that 2020 be declared a year of Hungarian national cohesion.