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The opposition Socialist Party’s disciplinary body has decided to terminate proceedings against former party leader Attila Mesterházy due to a lack of evidence against him in connection with a complaint that he allegedly made and leaked a video recording of a board meeting held to discuss the party’s European Parliament list. The party’s board decided unanimously to terminate the proceedings, though the decision can be appealed within 15 days.
Ferenc Kurtyán, a member of the party’s Szekszárd chapter, proposed that Mesterházy be expelled from the party in connection with a Feb. 15 board meeting. According to press reports, a debate was held on the position on the EP list of Socialist MEPs István Ujhelyi and Tibor Szanyi, the party’s deputy leader, after which Ujhelyi was ranked second. Mesterházy on Friday denied leaking details of the meeting or the video recording. He also spoke in support of Socialist leader Bertalan Tóth and said it was right that he should head the party’s EP list.