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The opposition LMP party has called for total energy consumption to be reduced alongside an improvement in energy efficiency, and it wants a state fund to handle the issue. The green party’s deputy group leader Erzsébet Schmuck told a press conference held to mark World Energy Efficiency Day that in 2017 global energy consumption grew by 2.1% and carbon dioxide emissions peaked. Global energy consumption has doubled in twenty years. The situation in Hungary is even more dire, she said, with primary energy consumption increasing by 3.1% in 2017 year on year, while Hungarians use 10% more energy than the EU average.
Schmuck said energy household consumption exceeds that of transport and industry, with heating and air conditioning accounting for 75% of the household total. Whereas the government vowed to upgrade 700,000 homes by 2020, only 5% of this goal has been reached, she said, calling for the establishment of a state fund to support investments with interest-free loans. In this way, the poorest could emerge from “energy poverty”, she said.