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The conservative Jobbik party launched a campaign to “correct” the government’s billboards by pasting strips of paper over its slogans, the party spokesman said. Jobbik wants to communicate that while “Brussels has not settled a single person in Hungary in the last three years,” the Hungarian government has “let in 86,000 immigrants”, Péter Jakab said. The cheap work force allowed into the country from Ukraine keeps wages low, he said, insisting that immigrants “are granted more rights than those born here”. He cited as an example free accommodation, travel and language courses for Venezuelans coming to the country. “If there is in fact a state of emergency due to mass migration, that was caused by the Hungarian government.”
Jakab called it unacceptable that the Hungarian government vetoed the EU’s pact with the Arab League at a summit held on Feb. 24-25 in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. That pact would have been a tool to control migration at the countries of origin. “It seems the Orbán government is hoping for more illegal migrants coming to Hungary so that they can use them in the campaign.” Regarding an initiative by members of the European People’s Party to exclude Fidesz from the party family, Jakab said that Prime Minister “Viktor Orbán would do anything for power and money, he would even jeopardise Hungary’s EU membership.” Fidesz’s “opening to the East will bring about a closure to the West,” he said.