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The leftist Democratic Coalition (DK) has called on EU member states to create a common policy to tax multinational companies. Klára Dobrev, who heads the party’s EP election list, told a press conference that according to a European Commission survey, the “tax havens” within the EU are Belgium, Cyprus, the Netherlands, Ireland, Luxemburg, Malta and Hungary. These are the countries most lenient towards multinational companies trying to avoid paying taxes, she said. Dobrev said the government of Viktor Orbán was “one of the most corporate-friendly governments” in the bloc. Hungarian citizens benefit little, however, she said, arguing that these companies paid either little or no taxes and offered lower wages than would be expected. A strong united states of Europe is necessary because if member states unite and negotiate as one, they could “collect” the nearly 150 billion euros “disappearing every year in the tax havens”, Dobrev said. This money could be used to fund the introduction of the European minimum wage, the European minimum pension and the European family allowance, she said.