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“Migration will completely reshape the world in which we live, and everything that happens in 2050 and beyond will be a consequence of what is happening now,” Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said.

Speaking at a conference organised by the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MKIK), Orbán said that those who fail to protect themselves now will no longer have the chance to do so in 2050-60. “The effects of migration on Europe … is about our children and grandchildren and their safety,” he added. Addressing business representatives at the conference, the prime minister said: “Your economic success will be pointless if your grandchildren and children take over your companies in a world which is not a good place to live in.”

Upcoming tasks, he said, include designing a strategy for supporting Hungarian companies’ outward investment. Hungarian companies must join the global economic competition, he said, but added that it requires generating resources. Central bank governor György Matolcsy has been tasked with preparing a strategy, he said, adding that Hungarian companies must make at least as much abroad as foreigners make in Hungary. Orbán told the chief executives present that Hungary was now in a rising phase.