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At a conference organised by the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MKIK), Prime Minister Viktor Orbán identified turning around Hungary’s population decline and setting the economy on a path of sustainable growth that exceeds the European Union average by 2 percentage points as key objectives. The government’s family support initiatives will help to halt population decline in the country, he added. Further, vocational training would be “radically reformed”, Orbán said. He insisted that anyone who strove for a united states of Europe was pro-migration and wanted a Europe altered by immigrants. Meanwhile, he said goals to be reached by 2030 included making Hungary one of the top five EU countries and among the five most competitive states.

Further, the Carpathian Basin must be reconstructed in both the physical and economic sense, and central Europe must become a real economic area, Orbán said. True energy independence must also come about, requiring the development of the Paks nuclear power plant, increasing the amount of solar energy and making fossil fuels available by new means such as gas extracted in Romania and the Turkish Stream pipeline being routed to Hungary. Also, pending an agreement with Slovenia, Italian LNG should also be made available in Hungary, he added.