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Democratic Coalition leader Ferenc Gyurcsány accused German Chancellor Angela Merkel of “turning a blind eye to [Prime Minister] Viktor Orbán’s anti-Europe policies that create authoritarian rule”. In an open letter to Merkel, which he also posted on Facebook, Gyurcsány called on the German chancellor to stand up for her principles and beliefs “as you have done so many times”. The former prime minister said Merkel also shared responsibility for the Hungarian government’s “efforts aimed at dividing rather than unifying Europe”. He speculated that Merkel’s disregard of Orbán’s policies was part of how she represented the interests of German investors and had to do with her wanting to preserve the unity of the European People’s Party, of which both her CDU and Orbán’s Fidesz are members.

Gyurcsány said that though it was not Merkel who kept Orbán in power, her “protective and indulgent” approach to the Hungarian prime minister made her complicit in it. “Terrible years lie ahead for both Europe and Hungary if Germany turns a blind eye to the Hungarian government’s policies and only stands up for Europe rhetorically,” Gyurcsány said.