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Serbia's EU integration is in the interests of Hungary and the whole of Europe, and Hungary will continue to back Serbia in its aspirations to join the bloc, the Hungarian foreign minister said after talks with Serbia's European integration minister.

Péter Szijjártó told a joint press conference with Jadranka Joksimović after the meeting that enlargement was one of the key elements of the ongoing debate on the future of the EU, adding, however, that there was considerable opposition to expanding the bloc. Hungary’s goal is for the EU to get stronger, and to do so, it needs new member states that can boost its security and economy, Szijjártó said. Szijjártó said the emergence of new migration waves and the chance that militants of the Islamic State terrorist group could return to the continent were the biggest threats to the security of the EU. Migration pressure was set to rise on the Western Balkan route, and argued that integrating the countries in that region into the EU and strengthening cooperation on border control would help boost the continent’s security. Szijjártó said EU enlargement was slow, adding that it was unfair towards the candidate countries that the EU has no plans to add new members before 2025.  Hungary and Serbia will hold a joint government meeting next month, the minister noted.