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MP Enikő Hegedűs said that she has left the opposition Jobbik party along with its parliamentary group, and will continue in parliament as an independent. “Any form of solidarity with post-communists completely goes against my upbringing and my personal beliefs,” Hegedűs said in an email to MTI. Hegedűs was elected to a third consecutive parliamentary term from the nationalist party’s list in last April’s general election. “In light of the now irreconcilable differences on political strategy, I am announcing to the Speaker of Parliament my exit from Jobbik’s parliamentary group,” Hegedűs wrote. “Further, I am announcing the resignation of my party membership, and in turn, all my party functions, to the board of Jobbik.” Hegedűs is the fifth member to quit Jobbik’s parliamentary group since the election. In May, Jobbik’s leadership expelled Dóra Dúró, while János Volner was kicked out in October. As a show of solidarity with Volner, István Apáti and Erik Fülöp quit the party voluntarily after his firing. The four lawmakers formed a block for Jobbik splinter group Mi Hazánk in parliament in November.