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The root cause of current tensions triggered by migration is bound to grow, Hungary’s prime minister said at the first EU-Arab League summit in Egypt.

Viktor Orbán said the key question was whether “we want to take control of these trends or suffer them”. “The power of demographics should never be underestimated,” he said, adding that migration would grow as the population of the Arab world increased by 30% between 2015 and 2030. “Human smugglers, terrorist groups, NGOs, financial speculators and the media” exercised “strong influence on migration policies” and thereby on European-Arab relations, he said. “We’d like to see legitimate political leaders jointly set the direction of future events; which makes our today’s declaration extremely important.” Hungarian policies are based on the principle that help must be taken to where the trouble is instead of spreading the trouble, he said.
Hungary is clearly aware of the extent of its influence and pursues its foreign policy accordingly, he said. “We support the EU taking a stronger role in handling regional crises and assisting crisis-hit countries,” Orbán added. But aid should go to those capable of creating stability instead of allocating it on an ideological basis, he added.