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The survival of Jobbik is at stake in May’s European Parliament election, the conservative party’s deputy parliamentary group leader and spokesman, György Szilágyi, said. Speaking after the party congress, Szilágyi said that winning enough votes in the EP election would mean that (ruling) “Fidesz wouldn’t dare to ban the party”, which, he added, is currently the strongest opposition party. Szilágyi said Jobbik is fighting against a “dictatorship” which gets its power from “blackmail, corruption, accumulated assets, hands-on management of state institutions and its own media empire”.

At the congress, the members adopted an amendment to the party’s statutes that allows members to join another – still to be established – party parallel to their membership in Jobbik, “in justified cases” and with the express permission of the party leadership.  Jobbik has recently opened 44 new offices and taken in 400 new members, and it aims to double that growth, Szilágyi said.  Regarding cooperation with other opposition parties, Szilágyi said green LMP is the only party “Jobbik can see a closer cooperation with”, but working with others on specific issues is unavoidable.