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Cooperation between Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and the ethnic Hungarian RMDSZ party’s leader Hunor Kelemen is based on full trust but the alliance between RMDSZ and Hungary’s ruling Fidesz party resulted from the will of Transylvania’s ethnic Hungarian voters rather than from an accord between the two politicians, Deputy Prime Minister Zsolt Semjén said on Friday. “Nothing that weakens RMDSZ is acceptable”, he said, adding that a weaker RMDSZ would no longer be able to represent ethnic Hungarians efficiently in the Transylvanian municipalities and the Bucharest parliament. Turning to Romanian politicians attending the congress, Semjén said that neither RMDSZ, nor Hungary had ever demanded minority rights for which there are no precedents in the European Union. “If we accepted that some rights are due to others but not to ethnic Hungarians in Transylvania, we would accept that we are inferior to other nations. What is due to others is due to us, too. We ask you to understand that what we ask for is not extremity but normality,” he said.