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Green opposition LMP will field a list of its own candidates for the upcoming European Parliamentary election, with former MP Gábor Vágó at the top, party officials said. Members discussed at a party congress over the weekend campaigns for the Hungarian local council elections in the autumn as well as launching the campaign for the EP election in May, marking the party’s tenth anniversary and laying out its strategy until 2022, party co-leader László Lóránt Keresztes said. In order to bring about “real change” and promote the party’s environmental policy, local units of LMP are open to cooperating with any organisations at the local elections, other than the ruling parties and the radical nationalist Mi Hazánk (Our Homeland) movement, he said.  Keresztes said that LMP sees conservative Jobbik’s shift towards becoming a people’s party as authentic. As a consequence, anti-Semitic utterances have been brought to light, he added.