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Fully 43% of Hungarians regard the nationalist opposition Jobbik party as being racist, while 33% see it more specifically as anti-Semitic. Altogether 28% perceive Jobbik as Hungary’s most radical party, according to a survey by the Nézőpont Institute. The report found that since last July, the number of people who think that Jobbik is characterised by anti-Semitism has risen by 10 percentage points, while those who see it as generally racist has gone up by 11 points. Nézőpont said this was probably due to “public scandals” that had enveloped the party in the past six months.

No other Hungarian political party reached the 10% threshold on the three questions. Fully 41% of left-wing sympathisers consider Jobbik to be composed of racists, while 33% of them see them as anti-Semitic. Thirty-six percent regard the party as radical.

Nézőpont said the strategy of left-wing opposition leaders of teaming up with Jobbik was dead on arrival since their sympathisers had a poor opinion of Jobbik. This is all the more the case in Budapest, where 44% of voters in the capital regard Jobbik as anti-Semitic and 50% as generally racist, according to the survey conducted with a representative sample of 1,000 voting-age adults between 25 and 29 January.