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The Hungarian government can prove that the European Commission is compiling a work plan aimed at promoting migration, the state secretary for international communications and relations said on Tuesday. Zoltán Kovács reacted to comments by EC spokesperson Margaritis Schinas, who had earlier dismissed the government’s new media campaign on illegal immigration as “fake news and disinformation”.

“In recent years, we’ve seen on multiple occasions that the commission considered even the most obvious things to be disinformation and lies” while “being behind the measures which it denies,” Kovács told journalists. He said the Hungarian government could prove the existence of “every single item on a seven-point work plan” supporting immigration put together by Brussels. The state secretary cited as an example that while the EC denies that it is planning to introduce a “migrant visa”, it had already voted to introduce so-called humanitarian migrant visas. Through these visas, Kovács said, the commission would “institutionalise the process of getting migrants to Europe from any part of the world” through the embassies of EU member states.

The government’s media campaign features images of US financier George Soros and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker. A caption reads: “You, too have the right to know what Brussels is planning.” A smaller caption says Brussels is planning to introduce mandatory migrant quotas, weaken the border protection rights of member states and introduce “migrant visas” with a view to facilitating immigration. Schinas told a press briefing that it was untrue that the EU was undermining national border protection measures, and had no plans to introduce humanitarian visas, either. He said it was up to member states to decide the extent to which they want to accept legal immigration.