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Commenting on the first EU-Arab League summit to be held in Egypt on February 24-25, Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó said on Monday that the summit’s closing statement would make no reference to either the UN global migration compact or the refugee package. The text will clearly demonstrate the Hungarian priorities that refer to national competencies and highlight the need to fight human smuggling and illegal migration, Szijjártó said in Brussels, on the sidelines of a meeting of his European counterparts.
The minister said Hungary would provide all the help needed to improve the situation in Syria so that the refugees can return home and the pressure of migration can decrease in Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey. Hungary has confirmed its dedication to a joint initiative with Poland to start building an orphanage with a capacity of 130 in the Syrian city of Homs. Additionally, Hungary is willing to pay the operational costs of three hospitals in Syria for one year and will provide 4 million euros support to three Syrian Christian communities, he said.
Commenting on Ukraine, he said that Hungary, Romania, Italy and Greece had raised minority issues at the meeting, stating that Kiev must keep its promises and comply with EU regulations. Hungary made it clear that the passing of the education law in its current form by Ukraine’s parliament would give reason for concern because it would make it impossible to use minority languages in culture, the media and public administration. The public administration reform in its current form would make political representation of minorities impossible, he added.