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German-owned discount chain Lidl will raise wages at its shops and warehouses in Hungary by 15%, on average, from March 1, Lidl Hungary told MTI.

The wage rise will bring starting pay for Lidl store staff to a gross monthly 267,000-287,000 forints (EUR 838). Pay for store staff with the company for three years will increase to 297,000-317,000 per month. The figures include non-wage benefits but not allowances, which averaged 32,000 a month last year. Pay for new hires at Lidl’s warehouses who work on commission will rise to gross 277,000-313,000 forints a month. Warehouse workers on commission with three years under their belts will get 342,000-393,000 forints. Allowances for warehouse workers averaged a monthly 55,000 forints last year. Since January 2016, wages for staff on Lidl’s payroll have risen by 75%, on average. The latest pay rise will affect almost 4,600 staff.