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The parliamentary groups of the allied ruling Fidesz and Christian Democrat parties gathered for a three-day meeting starting on Wednesday in Balatonalmádi, in western Hungary, the daily Magyar Nemzet said. After Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s speech opening the meeting, lawmakers of the two parties will discuss Hungary’s dispute with Brussels over the European Union’s immigration policy, the upcoming European Parliament elections and further family support measures planned by the government, the paper said.
Fidesz group leader Máté Kocsis told the paper that the meeting will prepare the ground for EP election campaign debates and Hungary’s stand against “the pro-migration plans of Brussels”. Selection of government’s family support measures for parliamentary approval and the related timeline will also be discussed at the meeting.
Kocsis said the opposition’s campaign was likely to turn more aggressive and scurrilous in the next months, with the anticipated appearance of fake news in the anti-government media. Concerning Parliament’s spring session starting on Monday, Kocsis said the ruling parties would condemn any actions that aimed to disrupt the assembly’s work.