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The prime minister called for joint efforts to promote Hungary's academic reputation and competitiveness in an open letter to young scientists who have recently voiced their disapproval of the government's planned changes to the science academy.

The scientists, all winners of scholarships in a government programme that helped them return to Hungary from other countries, had said in their earlier letter to Viktor Orbán that “the current changes, implemented without meaningful consultations and the uncertainty arising from it will destroy the basis for Hungary’s innovation potential in the long term”. Signatories to the letter called on the government to suspend the “rushed and ill-considered” changes to research and innovation financing.

Orbán said that “we are on the same foundations: we all seek the benefit of Hungarian science and that of the Hungarian people.” He added, however, that “the academic community and the government may see certain issues from different viewpoints and may have different approaches”. Concerning the planned changes, Orbán argued that “increasing the value added of domestic industry is not possible unless research institutes concentrate their resources both in basic research and innovation” and said that scientists would be provided state financing for “clear-cut areas” of research.