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The head of the Prime Minister’s Office has slammed Franz Timmermans, first vice-president of the European Commission, for remaining in his post while campaigning to become commission president.

Timmermans “plays the role of chief European Union official” while he is at the top of the “Socialists’ pro-migration [EP election] list”, Gergely Gulyás said at his regular press briefing. He insisted that applying those “double standards” was a result of “customised legislation” in the EU, and said as an example that the head of the secretariat of Hungarian MEPs in Brussels would be required to suspend his position if he were fielded in the election.

Gulyás said Timmermans enjoyed “revenues equal to 44 million forints (EUR 138,000)” while “promoting the pro-migration list”. Concerning an upcoming visit by Timmermans to Budapest, Gulyás said the commission’s first vice-president would be “witness to a wedding between the Hungarian post-communist Left and anti-Semites”.

Earlier this week, the Hungarian government called on EC President Jean-Claude Juncker to withdraw Timmermans from the work of the commission for the duration of his campaign.