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The current system in which members of parliament are required to make public asset declarations once a year should be made more transparent, opposition Jobbik spokesman György Szilágyi said.

Family members of the same household as the MP should also be obliged to make similar declarations. Also, “an independent tax authority” should screen the MPs and their families to keep abreast of the assets they accumulate during a parliamentary cycle, he said.

The families of Jobbik’s MPs have made their assets public, Szilágyi noted. He praised opposition LMP for volunteering to do the same.

Szilágyi also announced that Jobbik would hold a special congress on Feb. 23 to discuss a recent fine the State Audit Office ordered the party to pay. Jobbik considers the measure as well as an earlier fine by the same authority “illegitimate” and will seek remedy in international forums, he added. Paying the two fines amounting to a combined one billion forints (EUR 3.2m) would make it impossible for Jobbik to run in the upcoming European Parliament elections, he added.

At its congress, Jobbik will discuss “one option to terminate the party” as well as “ways to pursue national resistance”, Szilágyi said.