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“Pro-migration leaders in Brussels have again been found siding with the United Nations Global Migration Compact,” Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó said in Brussels.

“They want to pass the package despite nine EU members voting against it,” Szijjártó said after a meeting of foreign ministers of the EU and Arab League. “Plans have been made both in New York and Brussels to have components of the pact passed, failing the package being adopted wholesale”. “Hungary does not support the migration compact and has made clear that it will resist any subsequent attempt to adopt it,” Szijjártó said. The Hungarian government “will not talk about migration as something to be handled as if there were no security considerations,” the minister said. Hungary, he added, “will carry on refusing to conspire to bring back the UN compact through the back door.”

Concerning a draft of the meeting’s closing statement, Szijjártó said the migration compact “cannot be incorporated”. “It would only trigger another wave of migration and neglect the rights of those who want to live peacefully in their own country.” Szijjártó added, however, that the EU should cooperate with the Arab League in a number of areas to promote security, stability and economic development.