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The opposition is submitting a joint request to Hungary's Constitutional Court to review the law establishing administrative courts, saying the law goes against the Constitution and would harm judicial independence.

Parliament last December approved the law that establishes a system of independent administrative courts that have the authority to make rulings in matters of public administration. The opposition staged a protest in the parliamentary chamber, barring the house speaker from accessing the speaker’s podium during the bill’s debate.
The Jobbik party said that the law harms the independence and impartiality of the judiciary by putting the justice minister in charge of appointing and firing judges, as well as controlling the courts’ budget. Judicial independence means that citizens have a chance of winning against the state, and their chance of a fair outcome is damaged should appointments to the administrative courts and their operations be dependent on the minister, the statement said. The law was also passed unlawfully since there was evidence of voting irregularities in the chamber, the statement added.
The document was signed by Jobbik, Socialist, Democratic Coalition, LMP, Párbeszéd, Momentum leaders and politicians and independent lawmakers.