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The issue of Hungary has been returned to the agenda of the European Parliament plenary session on Wednesday as a result of the EP election campaign, MEP Tamás Deutsch of ruling Fidesz said. “The left-liberal majority in the body launched another attack against Hungary because of the campaign,” he said during the debate. Deutsch said MEPs’ anger against Hungary is rooted in an issue that will determine Europeans’ lives for decades, which is migration. The majority of Hungarians, regardless of party affiliation, want something completely different than these MEPs, he added.

The EP session was initiated by the EP’s Green parliamentary group in view of the recent anti-government demonstrations, the amendment of the labour code and the setting up of administrative courts in Hungary. At the session, European Commission Vice-President Frans Timmermans said that the EC shares the concerns regarding the state of the rule of law, human rights and corruption in Hungary.

Zoltán Balczó, an MEP of conservative opposition Jobbik, told the EP plenary session that “Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s regime is built on vassalage and corruption, gradually destroying the rule of law and releasing the genie of hatred from the bottle.” Tibor Szanyi, an MEP of the opposition Socialists, said the government has turned “the merriest barrack of the Soviet bloc into Europe’s new death row.”