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Since pro-migration MEPs have been campaigning on behalf of Ahmed H., who has been convicted under Hungarian terrorism laws for inciting a riot on the Hungary-Serbia border in 2015, “they should take in” the Syrian, Fidesz’s communications director said. Balázs Hidvéghi told a news conference in Budapest that he had written a letter to two dozen MEPs who had demanded the release of Ahmed H. a few months ago. He insisted these MEPs had defended “terrorist” Ahmed H., and they had even appeared in a campaign photograph for one of the organisations linked to billionaire George Soros. “If they care so much about his freedom, they should lobby their government to welcome Ahmed H. into their country,” he said.

The people in Brussels who supported Ahmed H. generally occupied Liberal, Socialist, Green and Communist EP seats and had campaigned for “mass migration”. They were also “on Soros’s list of trusted allies” in the European Parliament, he insisted.

Hidvéghi said he had written to Dutch Green MEP Judith Sargentini among other pro-migration politicians. “[She] is Soros’s main ally … and continually attacks Hungary for its refusal to become an immigrant country.” He said his letter would also be received by German Alliance ’90/The Greens MEP Ska Keller, “known for wanting to build migrant villages in eastern Europe”, and Anna Gomes, a Portuguese MEP who blames Hungary for the failure of the EU migrant quota system. Also Malin Bjork, a Swedish Left Party and the European United Left–Nordic Green MEP, will receive his letter because she maintains that it would “not only be possible but also very welcome” were the country to receive a few thousand migrants, he said. She is also among those who would withdraw funds from EU member states that refuse to accommodate migrants, the Fidesz politician said.

The Syrian migrant spent 40 months in prison for inciting a riot in 2015 on the Hungary-Serbia border. He was released from prison on Jan. 19 after serving two-thirds of his term, taking into account time spent in pre-trial detention. Under the same ruling, he is to be expelled from the country upon his release. A government spokesman said on Jan. 19 that Ahmed H. will remain in detention until Hungary can reach an agreement with Cyprus, his former place of residence, concerning his return.