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The opposition Democratic Coalition (DK) wants the Prime Minister’s Office to present the surveys that formed the basis of a government campaign dubbed “Stop Soros,” the party’s deputy group leader said.
Citing a recent interview published in Switzerland by the business partner of ruling Fidesz’s late campaign advisor, Arthur Finkelstein, DK’s Gergely Arató told a press conference in front of the PM’s Office that he would file a lawsuit if the office refused to present the documents.
According to Hungarian news portal, George Birnbaum said in the interview that a phone survey had been carried out to assess whether US billionaire George Soros was well-known enough in Hungary to build a negative campaign around him.
A cabinet office state secretary said in reaction to DK’s demands that there had been no need for the government to conduct any survey because Soros had published his “plans” himself. Csaba Dömötör said that according to a plan Soros had published in writing, Europe should take in one million migrants a year and provide all of them with 9 million forints’ (EUR 28,300) worth of financial aid over their first two years in the EU. The plan, he said, also called for the establishment of a mandatory immigration system. He also cited Soros as saying that national borders presented obstacles to this plan.