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Speakers at a Saturday demonstration held in Budapest against the labour code amendments emphasised the importance of unity and they also spoke up for the rights of citizens.

Nikoletta Kiss of the Young People for Democracy civil organisation told the crowd gathered in front of the Várkert Bazaar that young workers “don’t want to live in a country where people are at the mercy of their employer and where wages fail to provide a livelihood”. Protesters want proper wages and working conditions as well as a flexible pension system, she said.
Civil activist Tímea Molnár said citizens should take advantage of their rights and fight those who abuse their power. She urged them to take responsibility for shaping their future and to take part in this year’s EP elections.
The government spokesman told a press conference that Saturday’s demonstrations were proof that the European parliamentary election campaign had already begun, with George Soros also mobilising his supporters. István Hollik said it was “perfectly clear” that the labour code amendments were “no more than a pretext” for the protests. The government does not want to deal with “Soros’s campaign” but it regrets that some trade unions are participating in the campaign of “pro-migration” forces, he said.