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Innovation and Technology Minister László Palkovics has presented the government’s plans for revamping the country’s research, development and innovation system to the heads of the research institutions of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Palkovics noted the government’s aim to hike spending on R+D to 1.8% of GDP by 2020 and to tease out financing for the sector.

A new Research Fund and an Innovation Fund will be financed by the central budget and research addressing social challenges will be hived off from innovation research. A National Scientific Policy Council will decide on aspects of funding and which areas should receive support, he added. The National Research, Development and Innovation Office will be in overall charge of the funds and will also operate the system of tenders for European Union support.

The restructuring of the state network of research institutions will follow the German model of separating basic and applied research and how these serve the economy, he said. Division of tasks among the Academy, the ministries network and higher education institutions will be properly delineated and overlaps eliminated, Palkovics added.