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Billionaire George Soros’s “people have again revealed themselves” in the European parliament, ruling Fidesz group spokesman János Halász said.

The commissioner for migration and a “pro-migration chorus” of MEPs were once again “preaching” about the settlement of migrants in Tuesday’s EP session, Halász said.
Dimitris Avramopoulos, the commissioner in charge of the European Commission’s migration policy, repeated that a sustainable and predictable mechanism for solidarity was needed in order to organise the settlement of migrants, Halász noted. This suggests that the EC is once again pushing for migrant quotas, he added.
The Democratic Coalition’s Péter Niedermüller argued that member states should increase their financial contributions with a view to managing migration, Halász said. “It has again become completely clear that the EC and the pro-migration majority in the EP are acting in line with the ‘Soros plan’,” he said. “It is no accident that Soros recently met EC leaders at least 20 times. He is the puppet master of the EC, the EP and the Hungarian opposition parties. If it was up to them, they would turn Europe into a continent of migrants, and this is what’s at stake in the European parliamentary elections,” he added.