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Hungary's goal is for "anti-immigration forces" to dominate every European Union institution, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said.

Migration will be Europe’s defining issue in next 15-20 years, Orbán told an international press conference. The European Parliament, the European Commission and eventually — after national elections — the European Council could end up anti-migration, he said, adding that Europeans would finally have their say on the issue in the European parliamentary elections. Hungary is the only EU member state where people have had the chance to express their views on migration, he said. The traditional left-right divide will be replaced by a pro-migration-anti-migration one, he insisted, adding that the related debate would have a bearing on attitudes to Christianity, making the protection of Christian culture a political duty. It also affects the debate on sovereignty when migration advocates shun the decisions of people opposed to taking in migrants, he added.
“Hungary can be proud to be the first country to prove that migration can be stopped on land,” he said, adding that his “hero”, Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, was the first to say this could be done at sea.