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Conservative opposition Jobbik is against the cooperation of all opposition parties before the European Parliamentary elections because votes would be cast for party lists and “such cooperation stands without an example” in Europe. An opposition list “would turn into a parody”; it would quickly disintegrate, causing confusion and only serving ruling Fidesz’s interests, Jobbik said in a statement. Jobbik, which defines itself as a “social people’s party”, said it will not enter into an alliance with Democratic Coalition leader Ferenc Gyurcsány or other political forces that refuse to contribute to efforts to establish a European wage union and do not believe that men should be eligible to retire after 40 years of work. However, Jobbik added that being the strongest opposition party, it will continue to cooperate with others on certain concrete issues.
Jobbik lawmaker Andrea Varga-Damm said in response to a question at a press conference held on a different subject that Jobbik would not participate in the joint list proposed by the opposition Socialists but the opposition should formulate joint messages during the campaign in order to boost voter turnout. Considering Hungary’s “difficult state”, cooperation is necessary in certain matters but Jobbik will make every effort to prevent Gyurcsány from being placed in the focus of any campaign drive, she said.