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The parliamentary group leader of ruling Fidesz said participants in recent demonstrations against new overtime regulations included organisations that are on US billionaire George Soros's payroll.

Saturday’s demonstration was already part of the campaign for the European parliamentary elections, in which voters will be given a chance to decide whether anti-migration forces should become stronger or weaker in the EP, Máté Kocsis said in public Kossuth Radio.

Opposition parties on Saturday called for further protests, another change of regime and building a new republic, while trade unions announced nationwide demonstrations for January 19.

Kocsis accused the participating parties of supporting migration and Soros who he said “had lined up his people in Hungary for the battle”.

“The opposition parties’ idea to run on a joint list in the European parliamentary election in May means that there will be an anti-migration list where votes for Fidesz-Christian Democrats can be cast and there will be a ‘Soros list’ for those who support migration and Soros,” he said.

Anti-government protests are under way in several countries around Europe where the governments are anti-migration, Kocsis said.