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Opposition parties, civil organisations and trade unions held an anti-government protest in Szeged, in southern Hungary. The protesters almost filled Dugonics Square in the centre of town.
Opposition Socialist MP Sándor Szabó told the demonstrators that the local council of Szeged had been the first to announce a boycott against the introduction of new labour regulations and several others have joined since. The opposition must join forces for the European parliamentary elections and local elections this year, he added. Edvin Mihálik of the Momentum Movement said the government did not serve the interests of the nation but robbed people of the possibility of making progress. Gábor Radics, secretary of the Szeged rubber plant trade union, said the consequences of new labour laws were impossible to foresee and the number of accidents could increase as a result of overburdened workers.
The participants of the event dubbed “Let’s Protect Szeged” marched from the square through the centre of the city to a statue of Hungary’s martyred Prime Minister Imre Nagy in front of the Csongrád County government building.