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The majority of the opposition do not respect the basic values of democracy, Gergely Gulyás, the head of the Prime Minister's Office, has said.

In a democratic decision-making system, it is the majority in parliament that has the right to pass laws and attempts to prevent this process are an attack on representative democracy, Gulyás told commercial news channel ATV. This is what happened during the last session of parliament this year, and the actions of opposition MPs that followed at the public media headquarters “were illegal”, he added.
The only mistake that the public TV might have made is that they allowed protesting opposition MPs to enter the headquarters, he said. In line with the law on the legal standing of MPs, they are not allowed to disrupt the operation of public institutions. Yet the opposition MPs wanted to do just that by reading out their petition on-air, he added.
On another subject, Gulyás said he trusted Fidesz would remain one of the strongest members of the European People’s Party after next year’s European Parliamentary election, noting none of the almost 50 member parties of the EPP had matched Fidesz’s electoral support in the last two EP elections.