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It is the left-liberal opposition’s responsibility that “physical intimidation and violence” have appeared as “a tool” in parliament, the head of the Prime Minister’s Office said in an interview published by news portal In general everyone carries responsibility for the deterioration of relations of Hungarian public life, Gergely Gulyás told the portal. But the opposition carries the sole responsibility for what took place during plenary sessions in parliament and at demonstrations on the streets over the past weeks, Gulyás said. “We are democrats, we will turn to the electorate to draw the political responsibility, and it is not our job to assign legal responsibility.” The labour code amendment’s approval in parliament served clearly as an excuse for the demonstrations, Gulyás said.

Although Hungarian law allows lawmakers to enter public institutions, it also stipulates that they shall not disrupt its normal operation, he said. The opposition’s demonstration at the public broadcaster’s headquarters last week to have their petition read on air constituted just that, he added.

There is no mass support behind these demonstrations, he insisted. “We will ask voters that if they want a normal democratic state governed by the rule of law where decisions are not enforced by a minority in politics they should support the allied ruling parties in the upcoming European Parliamentary elections,” he said.