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Politics is an area where battles can take place even on a Christmas Eve and protests are part and parcel of democracy. However, this does not apply to violence, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said in a Christmas interview in daily Magyar Idők.

It is easy to assess the situation: the government stands for work, family and security and opposition policies stand for the opposite. Calm force on one side stands against aggression, violence, support for migration and tax hikes on the other, Orbán said.

Those who argue against the recently adopted amendment to the labour code actually argue against workers because the amendment serves workers’ interests and will result in higher wages. “Contrary to opposition lies,” the higher wages will have to be paid by employers on a monthly basis, the same way as it was in the past, he said.

The only move by the governing alliance’s two-thirds parliamentary majority that the opposition would be willing to support is its resignation, he said. The opposition rejected to support even the increase in home care support, they reject constructive cooperation because they want to oust the government by all means, Orbán said. However, only the electorate has the right to remove the government and the next time this will be possible is in 2022, he added.