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Environmental pollution is the most widely cited concern by Hungarians, daily Népszava said, citing a fresh survey of seven countries commissioned by energy supplier E.ON. The survey carried out on a sample of 7,000 people asked respondents whether they consider climate change, pollution, war or poverty the biggest challenge facing society. The majority of respondents named climate change and pollution as their biggest concerns. Alongside Hungarians, the Czechs and Swedes also chose pollution as their top concern, while people in Britain and Romania are most worried about poverty. Climate change is seen as the biggest concern in Germany and Italy. Altogether 33.4% of Hungarian respondents said they are most worried about the state of the environment, followed by poverty and climate change. Hungarians are least worried about war, with just 6.7% of respondents naming it as the number one problem. Fully 81% of Hungarians – the highest of all nations surveyed – said they have made changes in their own lifestyles in an effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, about half of Hungarians said they would be willing to pay 5% more for products manufactured through eco-friendly practices.