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The opposition has maintained its lies about the labour code amendment and again misled people at Friday's anti-government protest, the government spokesman said.

The opposition has lied saying that people could be forced to work overtime and they would only get paid for overtime after three years as a result of the amendment to the law, István Hollik said on Saturday.

The truth is that working extra hours will only be possible on a voluntary basis with the employee’s consent and the wage for this must be paid at the end of the month, he said. The reason for the lies is that the opposition lost the general election in the spring and they seek to seize power with the help of street violence, he added.

“The opposition is being helped by George Soros with money and through his NGOs because Soros’s aim is to weaken and defeat governments that oppose migration,” he said. Hollik expressed regret about “the vandalism and aggressive acts of recent days” having been followed by another act of vandalism when a man threw a smoke bomb at the president’s office on Friday evening.