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The opposition Socialist and Párbeszéd parties will continue their anti-government protest against the recent labour code amendment, party lawmakers said. Parliament passed the legislation on expanding the amount of overtime an employer can request last Wednesday and President János Áder signed it on Thursday. Speaking to reporters, Socialist lawmaker Lajos Korózs called the new law “shameful”, saying that it “split society into two groups: those forced into slavery and those who are their masters”.
Bence Tordai, a lawmaker for Párbeszéd, said that opposition parties, civil groups and trade unions will gather at Kossuth Square in front of Parliament at 8pm on Friday to march on to the office of President Áder in the Buda Castle district. The opposition will organise further protests not only in parliament and on the streets but also at the premises and outlets of businesses linked to “Fidesz oligarchs” in the form of “peaceful boycotts”, as well as strikes, road blocks and actions of civil disobedience, he said.