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All projections show that Hungary’s economy will continue to perform well in 2019 and the government is determined to make quick decisions if unfavourable global trends make it necessary, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said. “We are also able to handle the thunders well,” Orbán said in his regular interview to public radio Kossuth. Hungarians have seen in recent years that they are able to support their families from work and “we are able to make a good living utilising our own resources,” Orbán said. “We are going to continue on this path,” he said.
As regards the minimum wage, Orbán said it was up to employees and employers to agree on it and that the government should act only as a mediator. The cabinet does not want to make the decision even if it has the right to do so, he added. Orbán said he had asked the finance minister to make every effort to help the sides reach an agreement.