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In an interview published in daily Magyar Hírlap, Antal Rogán said that “George Soros and his circles will do everything in their power to maintain the current power relations” and “those countries that are markedly anti-migration will be attacked by all means”. “They seek to destroy the reputation of those countries that have been firmly against migration; that is what Ms Sargentini is doing, an old, reliable ally of George Soros,” the cabinet chief insisted. Rogán stressed that “the situation could be changed” in the European elections next spring. Concerning Hungary’s recently established administrative courts, Rogán said that “these courts will deal with migration cases” and insisted that “no wonder that they are being attacked by Europe’s pro-migration institutions”.
On another subject, Rogán said that recent, anti-government protests involved “violent groups that attacked police” and added that those detained during the demonstrations included “innumerable” people with a police record.