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House Speaker László Kövér and his Croatian counterpart, Gordan Jandroković, marked the 150th anniversary of the Hungarian-Croatian Compromise at a conference in Budapest. Cooperation is needed more than ever now that “we may be facing a trial more taxing than ever before,” Kövér said in his address. The European Union offers the framework for an alliance, he said. “We have to find ways to cooperate if we are to preserve our freedom against the empires … using the region as a parade ground,” Kövér said.

Jandroković said that the sovereign states of Hungary and Croatia, from a distance of 150 years, have the possibility to evaluate the compromise objectively. “Hungarian history is part of the Croatian and vice versa,” he said. The bond between Hungary and Croatia was one of the most enduring alliances, and a significant factor in regional politics, Jandroković said.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s visit to Zagreb last Monday further boosted bilateral ties, Jandroković added.

The Hungarian-Croatian Compromise signed in 1868 governed Croatia’s political status in the Hungarian-ruled part of Austria-Hungary up until the end of the first world war.