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Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said that relations with the Czech Republic “entered a new dimension” in recent years, and spoke highly of “unprecedented figures” in economic ties as well as good cooperation in defence and in other areas. He said that the turnover of bilateral trade and investments had increased and added that the two countries mutually supported investments. Hungarian pharmaceuticals were “doing well” in the Czech Republic, while Czech companies were active in Hungarian agriculture and telecommunications, he added.

On the subject of a “dynamically growing” defence industry cooperation, Orbán said “it is not just business” and insisted that “it has dimensions of confidence, because it will only work with countries trusting each other”.

Orbán noted that Czech companies had contracts in the upgrade project of the Paks nuclear plant and added that “both countries think that nuclear energy is necessary”.

Answering a question about the Czech foreign ministry’s removing its Budapest embassy from a list of foreign offices of key importance, Orbán said that “coalition government is a difficult science but Hungary seeks to remain an ally for the Czech Republic”.