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Migration still poses a threat, with reports by Hungarian and European secret services suggesting that more than 70,000 people in the Balkans are ready to move to the European Union, Szilárd Németh, parliamentary state secretary of defence, said. Meanwhile, tensions between migrants are high. Hungary is prepared to deploy thousands of soldiers to the border, he said, adding that 2,300 soldiers are on 72-hour standby exercises on the 175km Serbia-Hungary border. Exercises with the participation of soldiers and police officers are under way so that the armed forces involved in border management tasks are ready for action, he added.
Németh said the Hungarian armed forces were the main guarantee of Hungary’s sovereignty as well as the security of the Hungarian people. He said that 10-30 people made an illegal attempt to enter the country every day. “Hungary has shown that migration can be stopped on land. Hungary has successfully defended Christian national culture while fully fulfilling its obligations under international law.” Over the past three years, thanks to Hungary’s technical and legal border protection measures, the southern border is now Europe’s best-protected Schengen border. Further, Hungary has become one of Europe’s safest countries. To keep it that way, Hungary’s border protection measures must be fortified and maintained. Hungary will never give up the right to use its own border guards.