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The European Parliament’s holding another vote on “migrant visas” is “unacceptable”, the head of the Prime Minister’s Office said, and called the procedure “anti-democratic”.

Gergely Gulyás insisted that the proposal, which has been once rejected, would be put to vote “without any real changes” and added that its proponents would “keep on trying until they get the right answer”. Gulyás warned that large masses could come into Europe by way of the proposed travel documents.
On another subject, Gulyás said he did “not receive daily reports” concerning the whereabouts of former Macedonian PM Nikola Gruevski. Gruevski is not ensured personal protection but “services due to refugees under the law”. He added that Gruevski, as a refugee, has a right to free movement within the European Union. He insisted that Hungary had “not violated the sovereignty of any country” and “had no role” in Gruevski’s flight from his country.
Regarding Russian arms dealers Hungary extradited, Gulyás said that it was the justice minister’s decision to extradite them to Russia after a court ruled that they could be extradited either to Russia or the United States. The move was in full compliance with international agreements, Gulyás added.