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European Union decision-makers “are going full steam ahead with their pro-migration plans”, János Halász, parliamentary spokesman for ruling Fidesz, said. “Not only do they want to snatch border control from member states, they now seek to make decisions on asylum procedures, too,” Halász told a press conference in Brussels, referring to recent proposals made by the European Parliament’s civil liberties, citizenship and home affairs committee (LIBE), which he called “extremely pro-immigration”.
Concerning details, Halász said that providing entrants with a “migrant visa” would be equal to providing illegal migrants with a travel document outside the EU, without any controls, ensuring them free entry. Meanwhile, setting up a European migration agency would mean that Brussels “could easily override” a member state’s decision concerning whom to allow to enter. “Every move by the current leadership in Brussels is aimed at letting even more migrants into Europe and grabbing even more power for themselves,” Halász said. Referring to billionaire George Soros, he said this narrative had panned out all according to “Soros’s plan”. Halász warned that the “import of migrants to Europe will become automatic” unless the EU’s current decision-makers are voted out at the upcoming EP elections.