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The neonatal intensive care unit of Budapest’s Honvéd hospital will not have to be closed, the defence ministry said, dismissing press reports.     Weekly’s online edition said on Tuesday that the ward would have to be closed on December 15 due to a shortage of doctors.
Expectant mothers and preterm newborn infants needing special care will temporarily be transferred to relevant units in the capital’s Semmelweis University and St János hospitals over a short period of time from December 16 on to ensure them “continued care”, the ministry said. The hospital is increasing efforts to offer doctors and nurses wage incentives with the aim to settle staff shortage without delay, it said, adding that the unit would resume regular operation within a matter of weeks.
Earlier, the leftist Democratic Coalition (DK) called on Human Resources Minister Miklós Kásler to join DK members in visiting the hospital in the wake of news reports saying that the hospital’s neonatal ward would have to be closed on December 15 for lack of funding.
DK lawmaker Lajos Oláh said that Honvéd’s NICU ward is one of only four in Budapest equipped to care for children born before the 33rd week of pregnancy and under 1,500 grams.