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Brussels is “pouring the money of EU citizens” into debit cards for migrants, thus directly financing migration, the deputy head of the parliamentary group of governing Fidesz told journalists in Debrecen, in eastern Hungary.

According to a publicly available EU report, some 58 million euros were distributed to migrants on topped up debit cards without cardholder names, said János Halász. Reports also suggest that US billionaire George Soros has contributed 500 million dollars, he added. “That is just the tip of the iceberg: we’re probably only seeing a fraction of the money topping up these migrant cards,” Halász said.

He noted that in recent years, terrorists had entered Europe through Hungary, calling themselves migrants, but then carrying out acts of terror. This danger is present now, too, he added, citing the 70,000 migrants on the Balkan route headed in the direction of Europe and Hungary. All of these migrants are arriving after passing through Greece, where, with the support of the UN and “certain Soros organisations”, they are getting topped up debit cards as part of a so-called migrant card programme, he said. Halász warned of the “tremendous security risk” presented by terrorists among those migrants who could get their hands on the cards.

Hungary has not yet received any answers to enquiries it has made on the matter to the UN and the European Commission, Halász said. The types of migrant cards and the size of top-ups are not known, he added. “We continue to wait for answers from the president of the European Commission on how much of European taxpayers’ money is being spent on such debit cards, how many have been distributed, and what controls are in place on how this money is spent,” Halász said.